Coach Peter Hoogduin

About me

Coach Peter Hoogduin started training Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts) at age 15.
His studies began in his country of birth, the Netherlands. After that, he moved to San Jose. CA, in the USA.

This is where Coach Peter created Wu Fitness. The idea is to provide martial arts training for people who don't want to do the traditional type of training. Instead, they wanted to get fit.

Wu Fit Fitness is a Chinese martial arts-based fitness program geared towards people aged 40 and up.  

The name Wu Fit is derived from the Chinese word Wu (Martial Arts) and the word Fit (short for fitness).  In our fitness program, we focus on stretching, strength building, cardio, interval training, yoga-type  Kickboxing, Wushu/Kung Fu moves (Chinese martial arts).  

My purpose is to help you reach your fitness goals. 

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